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We found some keys...

In the barn today, me and my mom found a decomposed box full of uncut keys. There had to be a couple thousand of them!

We started digging around, only expecting to find 50-100 keys, but as we dug deeper, we started throwing them into a tupperware box, and before we knew it, there was a serious pile of keys. We estimate there has to be at least a thousand.

I took some out in a bucket and began to rinse them off with water, and I discovered that some of them had a branding on them. The branding stated: "McAuliffe / & Sons / Ambler, PA / Do not / Duplicate"

Bill McAuliffe was the former president of the society, and according to Jeff Loughridge, he stored many things in the barn.

We're still digging for keys as I write this, and hopefully we can figure out what to do with them!

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