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OK, here's my recap of last night at Whitemarsh Twp.


Mary Denadai couldn't be a more perfect witness! Her bio from the John Milner Architects is attached. She heard about our situation and VOLUNTEERED to be our witness because she knew how important our historical area is. She has won many awards for her preservation/design work and has been in the business for about 45 years. We are lucky, so very fortunate to have her on the team. Last night, only a few minutes into the hearing, the Whitemarsh Twp. attorney and Board of Supervisors had to excuse themselves to another room and discuss the early-on issues! It was all too clear that the attorney for the developers was scrambling and trying to extend the length of the meeting by objecting so many times. She is as clear as glass in her tactics. Mary Denadai is superior in her class, exceptional as a designer and has performed her magic all over the country as well as locally. Her talent was evident and her expertise in demonstrating the enormous and deeply steeped historical village of Plymouth Meeting/Whitemarsh. The developer's facial expressions of shame, embarrassment, and anger were obvious. During Mary's testimony, she explained that we risk losing our National Register standings, should the developer build too much, as the plan shows, on the Corson Abolition Hall property. See this site online for the federal regulations for the National Register for historical properties: The attorney for our side, representing the Friends of Abolition Hall, Michael Fiorentino, did an excellent job representing us. Whenever the other attorney objected, he had excellent rebuttals and the crowd clapped a couple of times for his thoroughly prepared answers. We were WELL represented last night. THANK YOU and DEEP APPRECIATION to Mary Denadai. Truly a remarkable night!

Here's a link to her info:

Mary Denadai

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