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Local Man Donates Videos of '70s and '80s 4th of July Parades

Updated: May 22, 2018

Plymouth Meeting local, Ray Kowalchuk, has graciously donated a copy of a disk with a video of past Highfield Farms 4th of July parades on Jolly Road.

Since the parades were discontinued a few years ago, there's nothing recent, but here's some links to watch it on YouTube!

On the back of he DVD Case, Ray left a message:

"Highfield Farms/Plymouth

July 4th Celebrations

July 1974 to July 1982

July 1974 to July 1982

THe 4th of July Celebrations started in the late 1960's when the Kowalchuks, the Kilpatricks, the Irwins, the Burkhearts and other interested neighbors decided to have a parade around the block in Highfield Farms. There was a parade, pony rides, and ice cream for the children. Each year the parade grew, with old-time cars, fire trucks, music, hotdogs and games at Highfield School (now the Community Center). I only have movies of the celebration from 1974 to 1982. Sometime later, Plymouth Township became fully involved, and the parade included other communities along Jolly Rd. Unfortunately, there has not been enough interest to continue the July 4th Celebration for the last few years.

Note that these movies are from old 8mm (Silent) film, and they range from 36 to 44 years old, and have deteriorated over the years. I have made a best effort to edit and restore them, to have a record of what we did in the past, when there was more community interest.

These films were edited, digitized, restored and produced by

Ray Kowalchuk

Plymouth Meeting, 2018 "The

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